Character Champions

Character Champions



The Character Champions Foundation was started over 35 years ago by Dr Diana Ketterman (AKA) DR.K.


CCF  is the parent company of Character Champions Behavioral Health & Wellness.

 The original goal of the Character Champions Foundation was to educate and promote Character Champion® behaviors at home, school, work, and throughout our global communities. It was meant to be an educational model while Character Champions Behavioral Health and wellness was created in order to promote mental health and wellness.

The Character Champions foundation is dedicated to promoting international leadership development and personality growth for students starting at age 3 and continuing throughout the life-span. As life-long learners, Character Champions® guide their actions by seeking knowledge, taking responsibility, showing courage, sharing kindness, and working together with mutual respect, justice, and fairness.

The Character Champions Foundation supports individuals, families, schools, and other organizations by developing and providing educational opportunities and materials that result in higher levels of psychological wealth.

Through the use of the Character Champions® code, framework, and the S.O.A.R. process, children, teens, and adults learn how to coach themselves to reach their desired goals in healthy, productive ways.

The Character Champions Foundation is a 501(3) (c) non profit organization.