Character Champions



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The “Hell Yes!” Checklist
How to know whether a relationship is a Hell – Yes! or a Hell – No! for you?What to look for in a potential partner and what are some things to avoid.
couple, hands, holding hands
Leveling Up Your Blue Mindset

People don’t care what you know until they first know that you care! How to communicate like a champion.

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How to Not Fight Like a Champion

Why What you think of as typical communication is likely to cause a fight.

compass, direction, clock
Learn To Use Your Internal Relationship GPS

Know where you are headed in your relationship or you may find that you get lost.

athletes, american football, players
What's your Conflict Style

Are you anxious to resolve conflict on the spot? You may be more of an external versus an internal processor.

people, man, woman
The You, The Me and the we

There are three entities in a relationship.
There is “YOU”, “ME” and “WE”.
I want to let you know that an attitude of each person out for themselves just doesn’t cut it in a realtionship

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