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Join psychologist Dr. Chavez Ketterman, AKA Dr. K. as she shares her presentation for the first CA Workability webinar. Using the Character Champions Framework for Empowerment of Self and others introduces you to 4 natural mindsets found in everyone. Find out why understanding your natural color mindset preferences and those of others empowers you to level up your potential for success.

Discovering your champion self

Forgiveness Meditation for Self and Others

Orange Courage Dance

Gold Mindset 

Introduction to the 4 Different Color Mindsets – What Is Your Preferred Mindset?

Green Think Think Dance

Blue Mindset Dance

Character Champion,
What Do You See?
Part 1: FOR KIDS – Reading of the e-book and performance for children.
Part 2: FOR PARENTS & ADULTS – Psychologists talking about how to manage anxiety, fear and negative acting out behaviors kids may be experiencing due to corona virus.

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