Dr. K. and friends are passionate about sharing the value of Character Champions for building compassionate communities and making the world a better place.  Whether you are 3 or 103, you can discover the secrets of the CC Code and S.O.A.R. in ways you have never dreamed of.  Come learn with us the tools you need to spread compassion—not COVID-19—in fun, interactive, and useful ways.

The Coach’s Character Champions

Diana Ketterman

Welcome to the Character Champion Behavioral Health and Wellness virtual Center. Here you can experience mindset awareness coaching for all your needs.Our unique center provides a common mindset language and wellness framework for becoming your personal best to live your best life.

Spreading compassion one heart at a time.

With our tools and resources you will discover your preferred Character Qualities- your “CQ” You for a better you and a better life. 

Step 1) Take our free evidence-based CQ Survey to discover your CQ mindset preference order. 

Step 2) Read your personalized report about your “CQ” self based on how you scored yourself. 

Step 3) Learn to understand and grow your preferred mindsets using our website CC coaching resources. In a life where you can be anything , why not learn to just be you in your own champion way? 1,2,3….. Be who you are meant to be!